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Homeowner Tips Spring Is Just Around The Corner! As I drive through the neighborhoods throughout our area, I always love seeing the difference in real estate during Springtime. It’s what homeownership is all about! You’ll see families out working in the yard, meeting on the sidewalk to catch up with neighbors and countless people out for a slow stroll with their dogs. Around […]
Homeowner Tips Make It Nice – But Not TOO Nice! Most homeowners don’t realize that you can actually make your home TOO nice! This may be the most important article you’ll ever read regarding home improvements and the “money drain” that they can cause. The real estate term “over improvement” is something most people are shocked to find out about long after they’ve spent all […]
Homeowner Tips Making Your House A Home There’s no better feeling than putting your own touches on the house you live in. It truly makes it feel like “home” with all of the personalization and creature comforts that make it warm and inviting for your family to enjoy. I’ve always loved to see the enjoyment our clients feel when they’ve added a […]
Homeowner Tips You’ll Probably Need Maintenance!! When you’re spring cleaning, you’ll likely find basic maintenance issues that need addressed. Did you know there’s actually a maintenance checklist full of items you should investigate within the home this time of year? Now that the weather is consistently staying above 70 degrees, you should run through this checklist to ensure your home is […]
General Info Increasing The Value Of Your Home When it comes to one of the largest assets you’ll ever own, it’s important to ensure that you keep the value on par with where it should be in relation to other homes in the area. As you start seeing other homeowners doing upgrades to the inside or outside of their property, it’s important to […]
Homeowner Tips To Improve or Not To Improve One of the biggest common misconceptions when it comes to your home is that all improvements will give you the value back and then some. This is TOTALLY untrue. I’ve met with homeowners that believe their home is worth $4,000 more than the others because they just replaced the air conditioner. No, your home is […]
Homeowner Tips Does Curb Appeal Really Matter THAT Much? You probably have a friend or two that’s working on some upgrades or repairs inside their home this month. It’s very common for us to want to improve the area in which our family lives. Everything from carpet to hardwood to fresh paint and sometimes even room additions or kitchen upgrades. Many times, these small […]
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