Building Wealth January 20, 2024

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

One of the things I always advise my real estate clients on is the development of wealth through the ownership of a couple rental properties.

It surprises me how many people think they need to have perfect credit or lots of cash to buy a rental property or two. That’s simply not the case. When you go about this the right way, you can acquire a rental house and the monthly rent pays the mortgage plus a little bit of profit to boot! Additionally, the tax benefits can be outstanding due to depreciation! You’d be surprised how many people start with the purchase of just one investment property, then make it two and grow from there. Best of all, it doesn’t take tons of money to make it happen and regular people do it every day!

This can be a great “retirement fund” for the typical family that would love to own a few houses outright sometime down the road.

Inside a mastermind group I belong to, we have a gentleman that acquires two more houses every year (one for each of his kids) so whenever he passes on to the next life, each of his children will own a portfolio of rental houses that are owned free and clear by that time. The best part about that story is that his children have no idea he’s been doing this so it will be one heck of a surprise for them several decades down the road!

If you’ve ever given a consideration to owning an investment property, we have a Dream Team that can help you along the way which includes property management and more. That way it’s truly a PASSIVE investment, handled by state licensed professionals and requiring none of your own time to create wealth! 

This video tells it all – Click Here

I’d love to have a conversation with you, with absolutely no obligation of course. Many times we can find out a little bit about what you’d like to accomplish and some of your long-term goals. I talk to people all the time that had no idea they could create a small portfolio of properties with the entire mortgage being paid down by high quality tenants. Interested in more info???