Building WealthGeneral Info July 21, 2023

The Coming Recession!

You’ve undoubtedly seen that there’s a recession and market adjustment looming again. Many say it’s already here. This is all part of the natural cycle and after you’ve been through a few, you start to prepare for them and profit from them in several different ways.

While the last bubble burst was real estate related due to sub-prime loans and questionable lending practices, this one is much different due to massive inflation and supply chain issues like never before.

Since I work with so many real estate clients, I always try to keep up to date on stats and predictions to ensure my clients are prepared for any changes they may want to make with upcoming economic changes. This upcoming market correction is different and I must say, I’m feeling pretty confident about it.

I’ve seen articles from NAR as well as other respected economic authorities and it appears that the ONE safe investment people will have in America with the down turning market is housing. That’s great news for me and great news for your family too! While they DO expect the real estate market to cool off and slow, that doesn’t mean we will see a “crash”. This certainly beats the massive depreciation we all experienced starting in 2008!

So of course, we are all hoping these economic indicators are right and if so, real estate may be the only safe investment to consider! The stock market has dropped, the bond market will take a hit and consumers will slow their spending in the retail environment but real estate can keep a steady and healthy base as we push through to begin recovering from whatever losses the market sees.

I’m certainly no economy genius myself, but I trust the respected and proven “higher ups” that have always been right in the past. They study this stuff all day, every day and they have a pretty good read on the market.

We are already talking to investors that are pulling their money out of other markets and creating a real estate portfolio. It’s nice to know you can MAKE money in a shrinking economy! If you’ve considered buying a rental home, lets chat!